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Company Culture
  • Core value:

    Service achieves customers, and responsibility leads to results.
    Our values are critical to how we run our business, recruit talents, evaluate employees, and determine employee compensation.

  • Our five values are:

    Customer service first;
    Because of communication, so trust;
    Introspect and learn, embrace change;
    The day is over, and the day is high;
    Love to smile and live happily.

  • Core idea:

    Excellence, loyalty, dedication, openness, sharing, and win-win
    Excellence is our eternal goal for our employees!
    Loyalty and dedication is the firm belief that the corporate team must not abandon or give up as a continuous struggle.
    Open is the cornerstone of the evolving!
    Sharing and win-win is the reputation of the company's reputation!
    People-oriented, talents are the core wealth of Wanmeng Yuncang and a booster for the company's development!
    The company advocates openness, positivity, unity, never give up the working atmosphere, build a people-oriented core team, create a democratic and open corporate atmosphere, and improve service quality and corporate quality.

  • Company Vision:

    Become a first-class cross-border logistics company with international competitiveness!
    Wanmeng Yuncang has been focusing on the development of cross-border e-commerce logistics. Since 2009, we have absorbed the industry’s top logistics development model, independently developed a logistics network platform and software system with intellectual property rights, and purchased the latest automatic warehousing and sorting lines. , Wanmeng Yuncang has gradually become an industry leader; at the same time, our company continues to improve itself, including informatization and systematic construction, and we are constantly reforming and innovating. In order to create corporate benefits and benefit the society, through our own efforts, Let employees share the benefits of the platform, so that customers no longer worry about logistics, and strive for the value of customers!

  • Company mission:

    Let logistics become an enjoyment!
    "Let logistics become enjoyment" as the mission, has always been the source of unremitting efforts of Wanmeng Yuncang. In the ever-changing industry, we firmly believe that we embrace change and continuously improve for the benefit of our customers. The purpose is to make logistics a kind of enjoyment.

  • Staff growth:

    Vocational Training
    Wanmeng Yuncang has always been an open and win-win platform. The company is constantly improving the company's structure system and employee career development plans, and constantly improving the employees' "serious work and happy life".

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